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I am a Pittsburgh based web designer that helps clients build successful websites.

As freelance web designer in Pittsburgh, PA, I provide web design and website development services for clients in a variety of industries. I specialize in helping clients determine the features and functionality they require, and build these into each project I undertake. I do not follow a "one size fits all" approach as every company or organization has unique characteristics, goals and expectations.

Web Design & Development Services

I work with my clients to create an outline for design and development. Our roadmap ensures that projects are completed on time, and that the final website meets everyone's needs. Our team approach makes the process a success.

Building Successful Websites

A successful website increases sales, brand awareness, and generates new leads. I work to highlight my clients' products, services and capabilities, and follow best SEO practices in order to increase online visibility and overall website traffic.

Visit my web design portfolio to see some additional website projects. I also provide WordPress Maintenance Services after projects are completed.

Web Design

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Contact me to learn how I can make your website mobile-friendly.

What makes a successful website?

There are many criteria for a successful website. However, I focus on the following as I believe they are the most important overall. Contact me to learn more about my web design services to see if we are a good fit.

Professional Web Design

The look-and-feel of your website leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. It should be a positive experience for your audience. Poor design, disorganization, and broken pages or features will discourage a call to action. Mom always said put on your best clothes when going out in public. The same holds true for your website.

Content For Your Visitors

A successful website is like a good movie. Content that attracts, captivates and informs is going to draw a larger crowd. The information you provide should highlight the interests of your target audience. How it is presented should encourage a call to action. If your website offers little value, you risk visitors not returning and losing any referrals they may make.

Solves Problems

Having a website is a great first step. Having a website that addresses your specific needs is a clear winner. Part of my process during design and development includes learning what issues your new website can resolve, and what benefits it can provide for your company or organization. Adding value for your customers is important. Resolving any issues is vital.

Mobile Friendly

Approximately 85% of all adults living in the U.S. has a smartphone. Having a responsive, mobile friendly website is critical for success. I can help you determine the percentage of visitors coming to your website that use mobile technology. If your website is not designed to accommodate mobile users, you may be losing potential customers, leads and revenue.

Tells Your Story

Your website can be so much more than a business card. It can tell your story. By visually highlighting your products and services through compelling content and professional design, you create a connection with your intended audience. Your website will convey the value and benefit that relationships with your company or organization provides.

Found by Search Engines

There is not much value in having a website that cannot be found. If search engines are unable to find you, neither will potential clients, customers and leads. Having a great looking website with impactful content is the first step to building your online presence. Optimizing your website and content for search engine indexing is the next.

An example WordPress design project that I recently completed

WordPress Web Design Before & After Example

Responsive Web Design, Custom Development & Search Engine Optimization in Pittsburgh, PA

I build websites using WordPress as it is an ideal content management system for my clients. WordPress offers a variety of tools to help manage and maintain content through an administrative Dashboard. WordPress also provides Gutenberg, the native page editor for creating custom layouts, editing copy and building creative design elements. 

I focus on designing and developing efficient and visually appealing websites that enhance visitor interaction and usability. I also build custom administrative features based on my clients' needs. Features including the ability to signup for services, information, or newsletters, as well as ensuring easy, in-house content management and updating are all part of my web design and development process. Contact me to learn how I can help with your next website project.

Website Before:

Valley Before

Website After:

Valley After

Contact Me For Web Design Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Do you have questions about building a new website? I can answer them.

I work with many clients is a wide array of industries. I work with small, medium and large businesses, as well as non-profit organizations and sole proprietors. As a fellow Pittsburgher, I support local business in Pittsburgh, PA.

I help clients through the process of Web Design, Development, SEO and Website Maintenance

The process of building a new website can seem daunting at first. I work to make the experience as easy as possible. I help my clients with any questions they have or decisions that need to be made.

Website support after your project is completed

Once a website project is complete, I also recognize there is still work to be done. I support my clients before, during and after development. This includes initial project planning, design, production, search engine optimization, problem solving, and follow-up support and website maintenance.

Contact me to see if we are a good fit, or if you need some advice about your next project.

Visit my before & after web design page to see more website design projects in Pittsburgh PA.