WordPress Care & Website Maintenance Services

Over 40% of all websites are built with WordPress. I help keep a few of them safe, secure & fully updated.

From my experience in IT, I continually stress the need for keeping computer software fully patched and updated. As a PHP based application, WordPress shares this same requirement. Due to the popularity of WordPress, it is critical to keep your website fully patched and up-to-date. Hackers search for, probe, and attack popular applications. WordPress is no exception. I have cleaned and repaired numerous websites that have been forcibly taken offline due to lack of maintenance and malicious hacking.

I reduce the burden of WordPress maintenance, updating, support & content changes.

Through my WordPress Care plans I help minimize the time and effort spent on website maintenance. I proactively monitor the status of your website, and keep your themes, plugins, and core WordPress installation up to date with the current releases. Similar to software installed on your computer, this ensures you have the most recent security patches and updates. Rest assured, your website is well taken care of.

Website Maintenance

WordPress Content Management

What does WordPress Care & Support include?

My WordPress website maintenance & support services allow you to focus on your business rather than continual maintenance and updates for your website. Contact me to learn more about my WordPress Care & Support services that I provide in Pittsburgh, PA.

Worry-Free WordPress Updates

I monitor the status of your website and keep your themes, plugins and core WordPress installation updated with the most current releases. This helps maintain the overall health of your website, and ensures all features and functionality are safe, secure, and up to date. You are in good hands.

WordPress Website Backups

I provide daily backups of your website and database for safekeeping.  In the event that any issues arise, I can restore your website to an earlier version to keep everything up and running with minimal downtime. If you host your website with me, I also provide a daily, full hosting account backup as well.

Vulnerability Protection

Using a variety of tools I enable WordPress malware protection with regular vulnerability scanning, and protect your WordPress website from hacking attempts. I review each website individually to learn what potential security issues need to be addressed, and continually monitor for any problems.

Performance Optimization

Visitors do not like waiting, and a slow website leaves a bad impression. As a database driven application, WordPress has a variety of requirements to ensure speedy performance. I review your website and enable performance enhancements to ensure web pages load quickly for both visitors and search engines.

Enhanced Security

I implement a variety of security features for each WordPress website that I host, manage and maintain. These provide protection against hacking attempts, vulnerabilities, and downtime. I perform a site audit and make any required changes to ensure your website follows optimal security practices.

Content & Copy Updates

Do you have changes that you would like to make on your website? I manage a variety of content & copy changes including new images, graphics, menus, pages, plugins, forms, and many others. Just send your changes to me and I will make sure they are taken care of. I also manage advanced projects as well.

Contact Me For Website Maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA

How can I help? I look forward to learning about your project!

I provide WordPress maintenance and website updating services to keep your platform up-to-date. This includes continual plugin, theme, and core WordPress updates & upgrades. I will assess your website for any issues regarding security, performance, SEO and user experience. I will provide recommendations, make appropriate changes, and will reduce the burden of routine maintenance, content & copy changes. I also provide consultation, troubleshooting and technical support. Experiencing  issues with your WordPress website? Contact me to learn how I can help.

Just Software Maintenance or Carefree Content Management? I provide both support options.

Some of my clients prefer to manage their own content, while others prefer that I manage their complete website. I provide both WordPress support options. For clients that enjoy making changes on their own, I ensure their website is fully patched, updated, backed up and error free. For clients that prefer full website management, they submit any changes required, and they are quickly taken care of. I provide fast turnaround for content updates, copy changes and any special projects you would like to implement. Curious about Google Analytics integration, installing new plugins, making major changes or additions? I provide these as well. Contact me to learn more about my website maintenance and WordPress support services.

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