Pittsburgh Web Design Portfolio

My two CMS's of choice are Drupal and WordPress. I enjoy working with each as the need requires — both are great platforms. Drupal provides an exceptional platform to "build things" with, and as a serial tinkerer, I appreciate the level of customization that is available. Some say that Drupal has a steep learning curve for the end user — which can sometimes be the case. However, the success of a Drupal project depends on the designer/developer at your disposal. By thoroughly analyzing the needs of my clients, I am able to design my Drupal projects to be efficient and easy to use. I typically design my own custom themes as well as administrative and editing features so that overall branding and website management is tailored for each client. See some of my before and after web design projects to learn more.

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Drupal, WordPress, E-commerce

Static HTML, Bootstrap

The following examples include live websites, project mock-ups, websites that are no longer online, and older websites that have since been updated. Click on the images below to enlarge.